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What Type of Business do YOU have?

From Restaurants to Manufacturing to Board Rooms to Hospitals to Churches, digital signage and digital displays have a place in every environment and location.

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Digital Signage, Digital Displays and Digital Out of Home all have their place in your business depending upon the message that you are attempting to communicate to your customers, employees, parishioners, clients, patrons, patients, students or vendors - in other words PEOPLE. The first step to designing your Digital Project is identifying your business needs and message.

All businesses and all messages! Wherever you would place a printed poster or notice is the perfect place for Digital Signage.

What do we mean by 'MESSAGE'? That depends. Think inside and outside the box.

- Restaurants will want to display their Menu, Daily Specials, Upcoming Events such as Tasting, Holidays, Banquets and Weddings. This can be one time or ongoing. Menu boards can be Time related to display the featured items at a specific time period such as a Breakfast Menu - this is called Day Parting and will rotate throughout the day showing the appropriate items at that time. Daily Specials that are highlighted on a Digital board have been shown to increase the sales percentage of those items above all others. Customers who see a special event highlighted are more likely to remember your location when thinking about their own activity such as a Class Reunion.

-Manufacturing Locations can easily benefit from Digital Signage that is easily changed to highlight the latest company events, financial results, company history on a Lobby Display, Employee of the Month recognition or Charity Fund Raising. Think about all the information that you sent out. Any and all can be committed to Digital .

-Education from local Elementary Schools to College Campuses will all benefit from the addition of Digital Signage and Messaging. A strategicly placed display in the school entrance that informs parents of upcoming events and school activities can get the word out easily. Message Boards in school cafeteria, hallways and common areas can easily be updated at a moments notice in the event of an emergency. Escape exits, secure areas and more are communicated quickly.

-Health Care Facilities from Dental Offices to Patient Emergency waiting rooms or Doctor offices all have information to disseminate quickly in many cases. Perhaps you want to let patients know how long the wait may be or Explain about the latest Insurance changes. Critical information can be shared quickly across departments and individuals.

-Real Estate Offices and Brokers are able to highlight the latest listings, give virtual home tours, offer financing options and much more.

These are just a few business types that can easily benefit from Digital Displays.

Every business is UNIQUE and Every message is PERSONAL. Think about what how you could use Digital Displays and Messaging in your business to grow, communicate and ensure safety of others.

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