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Digital Signage Software

Flypaper is the leading Flash Digital Signage Solution that empowers programmers and non-programmers alike to create, edit, share, track and reuse high-impact video content. Our Digital Signage enables the rapid development of video or interactive digital signage content and allows anyone to edit and manipulate components without touching programming code. Output from the application rivals the interactivity and quality of custom Flash development, but in a fraction of time and cost typically associated with such projects. Try our Flash Digital Signage Solution today. Flypaper empowers digital signage agencies, vendors and customers to create, reuse, manage, publish and track high-impact content for signage networks. Flypaper produces Flash 9 and/or video content that scheduling software can add to any playlist and distribute to any number of media players for presentation.

flypaper digital signage software helps you feed the beast of digital content Flypaper is all about, and only about, content creation. We solve the content problem in digital signage. The problem we call "feeding the beast."

Preview What is Flypaper? Interactive project used to promote and further explain Flypaper. Contains auto-playing content along with an interactive menu to learn about specific features. View auto-playing version.

The 'digital signage ecosystem' is the array of software and hardware that's needed to create and then deliver the content that is displayed for people to view or interact with. It can be very simple, like when the system consists of a single display being driven by a single device like a digital signage player or personal computer. Or it can be very complex, as shown in the diagram below, where the robust and complex networks are used to deliver content to hundreds or even thousands of displays, each of which may have multiple independently addressable zones.

Content Creation and Total Cost of Ownership

When a customer invests in a digital signage solution, the hardware, software and services are only part of the total cost. The resources, expenses and time required to produce, edit and maintain digital content must be included to determine an accurate cost of ownership and return on investment. Leaving out the content investments does not allow a customer to make an informed decision.

Customers face many tradeoffs with traditional content production services and tools and must choose between speed, cost and quality. Customer must pay a premium for content production that needs to be done quickly. Even with a well thought out plan content production can quickly become very expensive.

Flypaper solves the customer’s dilemma with a cost effective solution to produce and maintain digital signage content that anyone can use.

Here's How Flypaper Can Help:

  • Start with hundreds of top-quality Flypaper templates
  • Drag-and-drop to replace images
  • Customize any page, change any element, add and subtract elements
  • Enhance your page with additional animation or interactivity
  • Save any page as a new template for your own re-use – build your own library!
  • Use simple but powerful components to do what only programmers could do before
  • Output as video or Flash

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Bingham Aquarium

Museum signage with learning information, history, schedules and event information using lots of motion and graphics.

cosmetic store retail product baord created with flypaper Preview

Serpico Cosmetics

Interactive retail product promotion for a cosmetics company displaying new product details and free gift opportunity. View portrait version.


Vishney Bistro

Sample interactive restaraunt signage with a
specials menu, chef bio and coupon code. View portrait version.



Menu Board

Auto playing menu board with smooth transitions displaying large images and detailed nutritional information. View portrait version.


Grocery Store POS

Grocery store premuim product promotion that auto-plays using various product display layouts and animation.

retail product board created with flypaper Preview

Retail Store Directory

Interactive retail shopping mall directory with store locator menu buttons and sample contextual advertisements.


Quick Serve Menu Board

Auto playing menu board with a menu list and pricing information along with a variety of animated promotional messages.



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