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Digital Display Monitors - what works?

.-There are 3 different types of monitors - LED, LCD and Plasma. (learn more here) And any of these work well for Digital Displays. BUT there are considerations you should take into account when choosing your display(s).

Commercial versus Residential - The Number ONE Question

-Protect your investment. We say this because many times after we have given a customer a quote for large format LCD, they will ask why do these cost this much? I can get the same size at Best Buy, Walmart, etc for less. Here is why we recommend the Displays we do.

Residential Displays are built and tested with the idea that they will be TURNED OFF MORE THAN THEY ARE TURNED ON. The average Home television is on between 4 - 6 hours a day. They are also less susceptible to damage because of the environment they are used in - the home. Most lower priced Residential Display Televisions come with LIMITED Warranties form 90 Days to 1 Year. Many of these Warranties are Void and Null if the Display is used in a Commercial Signage setting.

Commercial Displays are built and tested to run 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week. 360 Days a Year. Many also come with a heavier shield, sturdier frame and often have additional video and audio connectors not found on Residential sets. In addition they all generally come with a full 3 Year Warranty. Additional extended warranties can be purchased to add additional value to your investment.

Indoor, Outdoor, Direct Sunlight or Shaded?

-An important consideration that we use is where is the Monitor going to be used and how will it be positioned? We have partnerships with most major manufacturers of LCD's no 2 companies offer the exact same display. LG is an excellent line on large format for commercial indoor use - while Sunbright is built specifically for outdoor direct sunlight use with less washout and better visibility. In addition the case and frame type whether sealed or open can make a difference in where it is used and how it performs. DO NOT ASSUME that all Displays are equal.

Size Does Matter in Choosing a Display - Work the Canvas Creatively

The amount of information that you want to display is in direct correlation to the size of the display and format (portrait versus landscape). A display that is crowded with line after line of text is difficult to read and most folks won't try. Specific Font types and Sizes work best when viewed on a Digital Display. Number of Graphic, Type of Graphics, Video versus Static image and Coloring of content and background all play a significant part in the creation of your message are how it is perceived by the audience. A 24" LCD with a single item and a 'Buy Now' message may be as profitable as a 55" display with multiple items that are crammed together. Your display is a work of digital art.

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