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What is Digital Signage?

Three Main Discussion Points to assist you in understanding what it is

1. Digital Signage Hardware - consists of type and size of display, method of delivery to the display, video player, mounting, network and cabling. We offer a variety of solutions from many of the leading manufacturers of digital signage hardware around the world. Screen – LCD is most common, plasma is good for high quality video with fast moving action and in some case projection screens are preferred. Player device – Often a small form factor PC or appliance that runs content and displays to the screen. Mounting Bracket– Most often includes wall, pole, ceiling, or movable cart.

2. Digital Signage Content Delivery - how will you get the content to the type of display you have chosen for your digital signage? Direct delivery, Wired Network Delivery, Wireless Network Delivery or Internet Delivery. Networking - Standard IP networking is most common, and management over the internet, cellular or even Satellite is available. We offer solutions depending upon the number of screens, number of location and the method of updating the content that you choose. Management Software is required – To manage media, play lists, schedules and manage each screen/player and location.

3. Digital Signage Content Creation: Perhaps the most important element!- all the hardware, all the cabling, players and digital displays will be nothing without Digital Content that captures your viewers and gets your message across regardless of the topic. We offer a complete in-house content development team to assist you in creating new and exciting content. We have software packages from leading content development companies in video, motion and static content to allow your own marketing department to create your vision inhouse and you are able to use your existing content - spice it up so to speak and repackage it using these digital content creation programs.

How Can Digital Signage Help Boost Sales?

Why is Digital Signage Exploding in Popularity? Why Do You see it EVERYWHERE? Because it has Value.

Although it sometimes may be difficult to put a specific ROI (Return On Investment) number to the Digital Signage explosion, there have been studies that show do show an increase in sales. A recent study that included Digital Special Boards in a Fast Food Restaurant, showed a 40% Increase in the sale of items displayed on the video versus on a static menu board.

Retail items displayed in a video raise customer attention and awareness by 60% or more. This translates directly into increased sales and upsell opportunities. The ability to show complimentary items can not be overstated in a general marketing sense.

An often overlooked value of Digital Signage is the associated Customer Goodwill that can be generated in an Office environment, Business Lobby, Medical Practitioner or General Customer Queue as people watch and learn about your business, history, latest charity event or opportunity.

Technology that moves you forward........ Constantly Changing, Constantly Engaging

Digital Signage is everywhere in today's techno-centric world: universities, casinos, banks, hotels, hospitals, doctors offices, conference rooms, grocery stores, churches, restaurants, fitness centers, public venues, retail and transportation locations.

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